Exceptional Children

The line is so thin that hapless Christmas letter composers cross it without knowing it.  The previous sentence is my attempt at offering the, so-called, “benefit of the doubt” to those who send us year-in-review letters detailing the brilliance, prowess, and extra-Ordinary nature of their offspring. 

Blue Ribbon     First Chair     4.0 GPA     Graduated with Honors

You get the picture, I trust.

Why do parents spotlight their children’s successes?  They have their own particular reasons.  I am convinced that while the individual reasons exist, a common theme unites their efforts – The Devaluation of Ordinary.

With a sense of shame, those who fear Ordinary admit under their breath that their son plays third chair or their daughter made JV.  A cap and gown not adorned with tassels earns less applause. 

Before my post turns into a rant, I wrap up with two words of advice:

  1. Read J. Ellsworth Kalas’ book, Parables from the Backside, chapter 3.
  2. Cheer for May ’16 grads who earn a 2.5 GPA.

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