Welcome to "The Ordinary Life"

Hello.  My name is Mark Goodman and I am a fan of ordinary. 
As you join me on this blog journey, we will delight in the ordinary things of life that often receive less than their fair share of attention. 

Sunrises - yes, Hawaiian; but also the less often photographed as well.

Museum-ready works of art
- yes; but without overlooking the crayon creations of children.

I live in Anchorage, Alaska where my wife and I raise our three children.  We love Alaska, our home for over 14 years.  You will find one or more of us skiing down a mountain or down a trail, dancing ballet (not me!), playing racquetball, eating at Moose’s Tooth Pizza, hiking, reading, doing magic tricks, playing the electric guitar, piano, or violin, or just hanging out together.  

I serve as Senior Pastor of Rabbit Creek Church, our community of faith.  We love Jesus, reach out to people, and teach them to grow in relationship with the Lord. 

As I launch this blog, I must confess that I delayed for some time.  I prefer sharing my thoughts verbally or through the medium of an ordinary 0.5mm Pentel P205 pencil.  Three cheers for pencils!  That said, I realize that not all who read this blog will visit Alaska; and my pencil marks fade.  

Others blogs can focus on the “extraordinary” and “great.”  I commit this blog to the celebration of the ordinary and the good.  I trust that together you, the reader, and I will enjoy this journey through observing life.

Long live the ordinary!