In his book Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster joins Jesus in praising children for their faith.  Children trust until given a reason to doubt; adults doubt until given a reason to trust.  With allusion to the Lord’s Prayer, Foster reminds us that The Lord taught us to pray for our daily bread.  Then he continues with these words,

Have you ever noticed that children ask for lunch in utter confidence that it will be provided?  They have no need to stash away today’s sandwiches for fear none will be available tomorrow.  As far as they are concerned, there is an endless supply of sandwiches.
 In the Bible we hear a call to trust God for “an endless supply of sandwiches.”  Maybe not those exact words, but indeed the call.  As we “mature,” sometimes we try to complicate trust and faith.  We add the words “but” and “if” when we say that we trust God.  I believe that is exactly why Jesus told the crowds of the first century to enter the kingdom of heaven with the faith of a child.   

As you believe, go ahead and believe boldly.

School lunch is, well, school lunch.  For that reason, my wife and I make three “sack” lunches for our kids each school day.  Our kids look forward to Friday’s sack.  Fridays, you see, are Nutella Days.  No ham & cheese, soup, or PB&J on the fifth school day.  Only Nutella.  Our kids trust that we will furnish them with a lunch every day.  And they trust that each Friday’s sack will be special.  While, a time or two, I  allowed the jar to empty too fast or my mind spaced the correct Friday sandwich ingredient, God’s provision, while plentiful, is also always present.  He does not forget. 

Trust like a child.  Smile at the supply.  Lick the delicious Nutella from your lips.  Enjoy!

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