A Lesson From a Tea Bag

I drink tea.

Within reaching distance of my desk sits a Hamilton Beach water pot.  Push the lever and after a few minutes ending with the roar of boiling water, the non-tea ingredient is ready for pouring.  Add said water to the leaves of your choice and enjoy!

Just a moment ago, I poured hot H2O over Good Earth's Sweet & Spicy.  While I have enjoyed that blend for quite some time, until today I had not noticed the print expressing the nature of the blend.
"Natural Sweet Flavors and Spice Notes
Play Mysteriously Together"

Not one to base my life on Fortune Cookie proclamations or reading of leaves, I, nevertheless, find great wisdom in Good Earth's claim . . .
Sweet and Spicy
Salt and Pepper
Chocolate and Bacon (Give it a try!)

Mysteriously, tastes of the palate play together and delight our 10,000-plus buds on our tongues.  In the words of the 18th century poet, William Cowper -

"Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor."

Let me in on that.  The "spice of life" attracts my attention.  Yet before I put down my pencil

Yes, I wrote this in pencil first.  :-)  See my earlier blog.
and seek out some extremely spicy taste or experience, I realize that perhaps the spice is closer than I first thought.

If you have followed my blog, you know that I am a great fan of Ordinary.  So it stands to reason that I and you (if you so choose) will find variety and spice closer than we might first think.  Here's what I found:

  • Sweet and Spicy Tea
  • A new song playing on Pandora
  • A different-colored sky than yesterday
  • Pictures of my children from when they were much younger
  • Pictures by my children from when they were much younger
  • A supportive text from my wife on my cell phone
  • and
  • Stash's licorice spice tea 
I agree with Cowper and I drink tea.  And that one connection and one tasty habit play mysteriously together.

Listen for the beautiful song of the notes of Ordinary.

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