Extra Days and Lost Hours

  • We leap. 
  • We spring. 
  • We fall. 
  • Every four years, we (as a global community) grant ourselves an extra day. 
  • With the exception of our friends in Arizona and Hawaii, Americans attempt to save daylight - whatever that means.

Steven Johnson, in his brilliant work How We Got To Now, extends a question worthy of our attention . . .

"Which measure of time will win out in the end:  our narrow focus on the short term, or our gift for the long now?  Will we be high-frequency traders or good ancestors?"  (p. 194)
As we approach Johnson's inquiry, we recognize an irony that we live.  While as a species, we have done quite well at measuring and calculating time, even with great precision, our track record in using time proves quite poor. 

I am struck with my own choice of words in the previous sentence.  I wrote of "using" time.  Should I not have chosen the word "enjoy" or perhaps "inhabit" or even "steward"?  But I chose "use."  Speaking for myself, I will confess my tendency to turn gifts into utilities.  Do you wish to confess the same?  What (Who) do you tend to use rather than steward?

  • Time?
  • Gifts?
  • Privilege?
  • Your friends?
  • Strength?
  • Your spouse?
  • Resources?

In the first book of the Old Testament Scripture, we are told that God entrusted the male and female made in His image to . . .

"Prosper!  Reproduce!  Fill Earth!  Take Charge!  Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth."  (Genesis 1:28 The Message)

Be responsible.  Other versions of the Bible translate the Hebrew word radah as "rule" or "have dominion."  Any Christ-believer is a Christ-follower and, therefore, needs to follow His example. 
The King of kings rules and has dominion in a responsible manner.
We, however, struggle to rule even over our own emotions in a responsible manner. 
Is it any wonder that we allow ourselves in our areas of leadership and responsibility to slip into utilitarian dominion?

We live.        We lead.          We love.
We leap.       We spring.       We fall.

Be responsible!

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