Mingling Allowed

Two Tuesdays ago, in this blog, I mentioned my attraction to books.  Today I received two more books.  One is a biblical commentary on the Old Testament book Zechariah; the other is a work devoted to touting the value of generous giving and is quite shorter.  The former is scholarly; the latter is strategic.  The commentary is thick; the "how to" is thin.  The prophet-explaining text is intense; the money-focused volume can be read while multi-tasking.  Both resources will further my knowledge and ministry. 

You and I live in a world comprised of a mixture of intense and lighthearted; thick and thin; and serious and silly.  We need to embrace all of the above.  We need to allow the stuff of life to mingle. 

If you are too serious, relax!

If you are too silly, give serious a try.

If you like TV, pick up a book.

If you read, go see a movie.

If you love your job, use your vacation.

If you love to play, work hard.

Zechariah and Money Sense 101 (not actual name of book) fit together better than you might think.  They will balance my brain.  They will require balance.  And, just to make sure I don't lean too far toward the "thick," I plan on dedicating some precious time to reading several strips from my Calvin and Hobbes collection.

Now that you've read this blog, turn from your screen and go get some fresh air.

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