The September 26th edition of TIME magazine contained an interesting essay written by journalist and editor, Susanna Schrobsdorff.  In her “The Pursuit of Happy-ish” piece, she proves forthcoming in acknowledging . . .
“I’m agnostic about God, and there’s just a smallish space where faith might fit into my life.”  (p. 63)

I appreciate her vulnerability and honesty and I know that she is not alone in her views.  In fact, she provides statistics that support the claim that the number of agnostics grows daily.  As I re-read her words, I noticed her “ish” words, more specifically, their connection as I see it.  In an article dedicated to Happy-ishness, she mentions a smallish space.

As an agnostic, clearly not an atheist, Schrobsdorff leaves the door (in her case, a “space”) open to a possibility.

As a follower (most of the time) and believer (all the time) of Christ Jesus, I believe that happy-ishness is discovered when one fills the small-ish space with Jesus.
  That stated, I must make a clarification – using once again Susanna’s helpful words.  She ends her sentence with “faith might fit into my life.”  From an agnostic, that is great!  However, too often, Christians live out that phrase.

What do I mean?

In order to live the Ordinary life, one must take his or her “everyday, ordinary life” and devote it to God.  Fitting God into our lives falls short of such devotion.  God is not content, thankfully, with possessing a part of you.  He wants all of you.

God deserves more than a smallish space.  “Ordinary” people choose to fill themselves with God.  Then we can move forward with filling the spaces of our life with the things with which God is pleased.

Settle not for devoted-ishness
Choose faithfulishness, but drop the ish!

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