Early Thank Yous

Fifty-one blogs ago, I started posting The Ordinary Life.  I committed to celebrating the ordinary things of life.  One year later, my determination to do so remains.  It does so because reasons to celebrate still abound.  For example, after a relatively lengthy delay, snow finally covers the ground outside my windows.  Perfectly white flakes continue to fall from the sky, covering boring pavement and long-since dead grass.  Beauty returns.  

Very much related to that blanket of snow joy, I celebrate the fact that now my wife and I (and other enthusiasts) can clean the garage ("garage" as an adjective, not a noun.  Who wants to clean a garage?!) dust from our skis and head to the Kincaid Park trails and later, joined by our three children, strap on the downhill version and carve the slopes.  

Before I fail to mention another closely-related ordinary joy, I must cheer for the cookies joined by marshmallow-covered cocoa that we will consume.

I am compelled during these cold months to also give a "shout out" to the . . .
     - sheep whose wool warms my feet

     - geese whose down heats my core
     - people who design the fabrics that make 5-degree-weather skiing possible

In about three weeks, many "thank yous" will be mailed and handed to those who gave gifts in celebration of Christ's birth or at least in a spirit of holiday generosity.  Yet we need not wait for December 26th for pen to meet paper.  I offer an idea to you today.  How about writing that thank you note before you receive gifts?  How about telling through pen, text, or spoken word, reasons for which you are thankful for them?  Let's give it a try.  Buy a few cards, grab your tablet, push the Message App on your phone, and give expression to your gratitude.

It's never too early to say (or write) thank you.

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