Toss The Corn

I threw a grasshopper, a cowpie, and a dirty bag.  My oldest son followed by tossing a dirty rollup, a hanger, and a screaming eagle.  Before you conclude that my son and I need to register for an anger management class, allow me to explain.  Each of those terms refers to various throwing results in the game of Cornhole.
If Cornhole is foreign to you, as it was to me several years ago, it is a game similar to horseshoes with beanbags rather than than shoes for horses.  My wife and kids bought a game set for me a few years ago for Father's Day.  I enjoy playing (except for the losing part).

The game causes me to wonder.  Who concocted Cornhole?  Whoever it was, he or she bagged a few handfuls of corn and decided to aim for a target (a hole in this case).  Then one or more people joined in.  In a short time, I imagine, lawns chairs were pulled up, stumps were repurposed as stools, and wagers were placed while beverages were poured and snack bowls filled.  Let the games begin!

The origins of traditions fascinate me.  One or a few people took ordinary objects and explored new uses.  Whether necessity or boredom matters not, either often proves to be the mother of invention.  What would happen if you and I explored new ways to serve / act / pray / love / work / invent / care as we took our Ordinary lives and placed them before God?

What ideas do you have? Let me know.  Let me hear from you.

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