Primary Business

Two days ago, children presented hand-made cards, ties, pocket knives, money clips, grilling tools, and the like to their fathers.  As a father, I have always enjoyed receiving heart-felt gifts.  As a son, I am grateful for the gift of a good example set by my dad. 

The preacher of renown (and namesake of my place of seminary training), George W. Truett argued that . . .

“The primary business of parents is to train up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

I commit myself to conduct such business.  I am thankful for God as I receive grace during my on-the-job training.  The business of training is not for the faint of heart.  I welcome all the insights at my disposal. 

Several years ago I came across such helpful insights, which are attributed to an elementary Sunday School teacher.  William E. Young, drawing from his years of experience teaching Bible stories and life lessons to first grade-aged children, counseled parents on how to empower their kids.  

Five Ways to Empower your Child’s Spiritual Growth

(1) Love him/her unconditionally

(2) Be available

(3) Forgive your child
“Continue to express your love
to your children especially when
it is difficult.”

(4) Model what you want learned

(5) Be intentional in your teaching

Well said, Mr. Young!

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