What is Vital?

Take a few moments to write down ten things that give your life meaning.

If you lost a great (or a small) number of your list, how would you feel?  You will lose people precious to you and possessions you protect.  Your health will decline; many of your dreams will fail to come true.  All things considered, you do well to practice some soul-searching centering on this one question -- What is vital?

In perhaps one of the most disconcerting books in the Bible and, therefore, also one of the least read, we learn of Job's life experience.  Bottom line -- Job lost it all -- nearly.  Crops, herds, friends, wealth, health, sons, daughters, respect, and so forth -- to the point that his wife advised him to curse God and die!  (With a spouse like that, who needs enemies?)

Job's journey proved painful, to say the least.  The book of Job is composed of 42 chapters.  For the first 37 chapters, God never speaks to Job.  God lifts His hand of protection from His faithful servant and bothers not to inform him of the reason.  God remained silent.  That fact speaks with volume.  Job's testing, in addition to all the physical and financial suffering, included waiting for God to speak.  God forced Job to search for the truth while hearing the faulty advice and careless corrections of his friends.

Since, as in the case of Job, your life journey will require waiting, you do well to do so equipped with those things which are vital for your journey.  What is vital?

We find the answer to that question in the writings of the Apostle Paul.  To the believers in Corinth, Paul wrote . . .
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.  1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV)

Hold on to what is vital:

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