You and I are well into the third week of 2018.  How's the New Year's pledge to eat less sugar going?  Has your new gym membership card seen much use? 

My wife and I are blessed with three children.  While they seldom go to the physician due to illness, they do go once a year for their "well-visits."  While they hope the visit will not include shots, they do like to come home and report their latest stats - height, weight, overall well-being. 

For some, visiting the doctor when well seems foolish, meaningless, and a waste of money. 

While I rarely go myself (not leading by example, honestly), I am glad that my children go.  That way my wife and I know the condition of their health.  Knowing one's health condition is important.

This, too, is important in regard to one's spiritual health.  Resolutions, whether in regard to spiritual or physical, serve well as starting blocks.  They do not, however, do much for endurance.  Endurance requires consistent check-ups.  In regard to one's spiritual growth, that entails such things as . . .
(1) Reviewing how often you've read the word of God.
(2) Asking your spouse if you're loving him or her well.
(3) Recalling if you have grown in patience.
(4) Observing your thankfulness barometer.

I hope your commitment to your 2018 resolutions has not yet waned.  I hope, even more, that your determination to regularly engage in spiritual well-visits will endure all things.


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