Library Days

Years ago, a friend of mine told me about a habit of his involving his schedule. At periodic, and nevertheless intentional times, he calendars what he calls “Library Days.”  Soon after he told me about this, I adopted the practice as well as the name.

What is a Library Day?

It is a day set aside for reflection. I surround myself with various forms of literature, my laptop, white legal pads, and a few snacks(Please do not tell the librarian, for I am usually sitting in a “no food allowed” section of the library.)  As a Christian, such periods of reflection involve prayer and reading the Scriptures. I always have my 0.5 mm Pentel P205 at the ready.

I read. I write. I pray.
I fall asleep.
I wake up.
I read. I write. I plan.
I read. I snack.  (Again, please do not tell the librarian.)
I write. I prepare.

Somewhere along the way, the morning’s chai tea and the snack-accompanying drinks of water, require that I arise from my spot of study.  As I make my way through the halls and rows of books, I see others reading, writing, falling asleep, and even snacking.  (Returning the favor, I do not report them to the librarian.)  As I walk, I also wonder. What are my fellow readers reading?

I see some patrons looking as if their presence is accomplishing their goal of killing time. I see others appearing to discover places of employment that best suit their abilities.

I also see children.  And I am reminded of other Library Days of a different variety.

As a father of three, over the years, I have spent much time in the buildings which bear books, mostly on Mondays. Upon the carpet squares and Art Deco beanbags, I read about Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown going out of town and of Frog encouraging Toad to be brave. I read of bears snoring on and gray days when nothing moved and circus seal days. I laughed (“Shh!  People are reading.”) through the pages where the pig talks to a spider and a swan plays the trumpet. As my children grew, as they continue to do, the books grew longer and the pictures fewer.  (I must admit that I still enjoy the pictures!)

Oh, how I loved those alphabet-carpet-square Library Days!

What is it about libraries? How can it be that professionals looking for professions and time-killers executing time enjoy the same space?  How can it be that a pastor looking for a restroom and a preschooler utilizing his diaper instead, can somehow relate to the same building?

What is it about that literary space?

Go see for yourself. Enjoy a Library Day. 


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