For What Reason?

A couple of weeks ago, while in Cambodia, I met a man named Tom.  For nearly two decades, Tom has served the people of Cambodia through practicing medicine as a physician and through sharing the love and gospel of Jesus as a Christian.  For various reasons, people leave home to live in another - a heart for people and a willingness to serve as God leads provide Tom with his reasons. 

Reasons lead to choices.  They motivate us to act, to respond, to change.  Reasons vary . . .
- Due to the reason of love, one chooses to protect another.
- Due to the reason of fear, one chooses to hide.
- Due to the reason of gratitude, one says "thank you."
- Due to the reason of anger, one holds a grudge.

Checking one's reasons proves to be an important part of living one's everyday, ordinary life for Christ.  Sure, assessing actions is beneficial; yet, focusing on actions alone fails to complete the task.  

- We need not only to love; we need to know why we love.  
- We need to hold our tongues.  We do even better by discovering why the words willing their way toward our lips are forming - for what reasons are we angry?

Ponder, won't you, the reasons you love your spouse. 
Now tell him / her.

Consider, won't you, the reasons you lack patience or compassion. 
It's time to confess them.

Let's live intentionally.  Get to know your reasons.


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