Jubal's Gift

Jubal started it all.  I am so thankful that he did.  Genesis, chapter four, describes Jubal as "the father of all who play stringed instruments and pipes." 

With the exception of two piano songs and a few guitar chords, I don't play music.  However, I greatly enjoy listening to music.  It moves me. 


I love to hear my wife play piano, my daughter play piano and violin, my oldest son play guitar and violin, and my youngest son play piano and cello.  (I'm the oddball in the bunch.)

Imagining a world without music is not a pleasant task.  My Ordinary Life is filled with music.  Most of the music that I enjoy falls into three main categories.
1. Music that celebrates my love for God.
2. Music that celebrates my love for my wife.
3. Instrumental music that moves my heart and soul.

As I reflect on the first category, I recall with joy the sunrise my wife and I shared while on a pier by the Sea of Galilee worshiping God through "Be Enthroned" by Bethel Music.

The second category of music draws my mind to the honest and heartfelt words of Andrew Peterson in "Dancing in the Minefields."  Vonda Kay, let's keep dancing!

Now to the third category.  Here's where I invite you to listen in with me.  Let me suggest three songs to which you should expose your ears.  As you listen, close your eyes (unless you're driving) as you enjoy the images that your mind creates.

- "Gabriel's Oboe" by Solis
- "I Give Up" by Elijah Bossenbroek
- "The Red Aspens" by Jennifer Thomas



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