A Good Time to Think

- Soon, half of 2018 will have been lived.
- This month, my wife and I will have been married 23 years.
- This month will be my 17th Father's Day as a father.
- Four days ago marked my 10th anniversary serving Rabbit Creek Church.

- I have lived half of my life.
- I will double (at least) the number of years as a husband, father, and pastor.

Thinking about these numbers today, I am reminded of the value of reflection and evaluation.  Those who strive to live well their Ordinary lives do well to practice those sibling disciplines. 

To whom to assign credit, I do not know; so without footnote, I mention the well-known adage that many people live by - throwing darts and then drawing the target around the spaces they stuck. 

Ordinary lives don't require detailed planning in all areas, but some anticipation truly helps.  Here are some questions I offer as suggestions.  Ask them as you anticipate the "next half," next year, coming anniversary, etc.
(1) What is going well?
(2) Where can I improve as a _____? (husband / wife / father / mother / student / teacher / etc.)
(3) What can I try?
(4) What should I stop doing?

As you answer those questions, the "first halves," present years, past anniversaries, and the like will guide your answers.  Allow the past events to serve as fodder for tomorrow's moments.  As you answer, also remember these things:
(1) Matthew 6:34
(2) Proverbs 27:1
(3) 2 Timothy 1:7
(4) Proverbs 16:9

And in the words of Calvin (Hobbes' friend, not John) . . .
"You know, sometimes the world seems like a pretty mean place.  That's why animals are so soft and huggy."


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