Celebrating "I Do"

Two days ago was the twenty-third anniversary of the day my wife and I said, "I do" in Meeker United Methodist Church.  Standing there, I was nervous and she was beautiful. 

I'm no longer nervous, but she is still beautiful. 

Like my nerves, much has changed.  The two who became one have two teenagers and one soon-to-be-teen.  We live thousands of miles from where we began.  We don different hairstyles.  We prepare to pay for our daughter's college education while our own official degree-earning is long past. 

Like my wife's beauty, much remains the same.
- Our love for one another endures.
- Our commitment to each other does not waiver.
- Our desire to honor God with our love remains.
- We continue to date.
- She still makes me smile.
- I still cause her to laugh.

I wrote a letter to her for our anniversary.  In it, I express my gratitude for some of the many things she does because of her love and commitment.  In part, they are . . .
- Thank you.
- Thank you for keeping our relationship a top priority.
- Thank you for your example of godliness.
- Thank you for your love of the Word.
- Thank you for your kindness.
- Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
- Thank you for loving me.
- Thank you for growing your hair long.
- Thank you for shaving your legs.
- Thank you for your prayers.
- Thank you for your support.
- Thank you for all the things you do for me and the kids.
- Thank you for doing most of the cooking.
- Thank you for making sure our three know they are loved.
- Thank you for understanding that I have a motorcycle.
- Thank you for continuing to make mousse.
- Thank you for YOU!

If you're married, I offer you a suggestion.  Devote some time to writing your "Thank you" note.  Use the power of words to express your love and commitment to the one you love. 

Here's to anniversaries!  I hope yours is happy.


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