Thanks, Dad

Father's Day marked our calendars two days ago.  Perhaps you celebrated.  I did.  Each Father's Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the positive impact fathers make in our lives.  I am thankful for my father.  Specifically, I am thankful for my dad for . . .
- loving me
- encouraging me
- never giving up
- loving my mom
- supporting me
- his example
I am thankful for the times we . . .
- went hunting
- went to the gym
- raced across the street after church to the car
- listened to Willie, Don Francisco, and Roger Whittaker
- talk
- tour Alaska
Years ago, officiating a funeral for the first time, I mentioned that we each hold memories of the deceased - "some good and some not so good." 
True?  Yes. 
Well said?  Not likely. 
Even though the latter part of the statement was particularly true for that person.  I know I shouldn't write that, but I couldn't stop myself. 

I digress.  Back to my theme for this post.

Perhaps "not so good" applies to your memories of your father.  If so, that is unfortunate.  If that is your story, make good memories for others.  For your kids.  For your grandkids.  For the child next door whose father is AWOL.  For the child in Sunday School, Youth Group, etc.  For your athletes, students, band members, etc.

Since "good" applies to my memories, Thanks Dad!


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