Times Are A-Changin'

Recently my daughter and I went to one of our local theaters to watch "Incredibles 2."  Bob, aka Mr. Incredible, learns the demands of caring for children - his children.  During the portrayal of his learning, we watch as Bob and Huck, aka Dash, struggle with completing school homework, particularly "new math."  At precisely the same moment, my daughter and I exchanged grins and muffled laughs as we recalled a time when that fictional scene was truly non-fiction in our family.

I love the English language and the use of it in writing and reading.  I do not, however, care much for math.  I was encouraged by the news years ago that my degree plan in college required only one math class.  However, to my dismay, they (whoever "they" are) changed math!  Not only did they change math, but they also required new methods of finding the same answer that the old way found just as well. 

As much as I enjoy English, I equally enjoy routine.  Therefore, for me, change is not easy. 

With that said, we live in a changing world.  I will do well to find more comfort with that fact.  When I especially notice the fast-paced change that occurs around me, I take heart in remembering a never-changing fact.  God does not change.  The psalmist makes the point.

God, who is enthroned from of old,
    who does not change—
Psalm 55:19a (NIV)
James sings the same tune.
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17 (NIV)
Shifting shadows - Perhaps no other combination of two words better expresses the condition of our world.  Peter Pan was weary of his shadow.  Likewise, shadows of most types bother us immensely.  Yet, the Father of lights who sent the Light of the world to us brings light into the darkness of our shadows and comforts us in our experiences of change.

Thankfully, after receiving some feedback from teachers, parents, and students, the school (at least the one my child attends) returned to the "old" math.  Perhaps the new math was worth a try, but I'm glad it did not stick. 

You might be fortunate and have the change you experienced "unchange."  Or you might be forced to choose whether you will embrace the new.  Regardless - know that while some "news" will return to "olds" and some "news" will hold their ground, you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that in this world of shifting shadows there is One who never changes.

James said it oh so well - "Every good and perfect gift is from above."


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