We Said Never

"We will never . . ."  One must be wary of starting sentences, particularly proclamations, with such words.  

When our three children were much younger, my wife and I (with every intent of following our own words) said something to the effect of "We will never become one of those families who is overly busy."

I can almost hear you laughing.

Our proclamation, while heartfelt, gradually became void. 

Today we commit to necessities such as work, education, and involvement in our faith community.  We also engage in other good things such as musical instrument lessons, sports, exercise, dance, and Scouts.  Add to those necessities and good things the everyday activities such as laundry, lunch-making, carpooling, grocery shopping, and house tending.  The hours disappear rapidly.   

"We will never" transferred into "Yes, are we ever!"

So now is the time to reset. 
Now is the time to reflect. 
Now is the time to rest.

How's your "we will never" holding up? 

If you relate to my family's situation, you recognize your own need for a reset, some reflection, and a rest.  May I suggest (and I assume I may) that you join my family and me in this exercise?  Will you take time to analyze your use of time? 

As an example of things to consider, think about Saturdays.  In an early morning men's group (we meet early so we don't take away from other good things) in which I participate, a friend reminded us that fathers have just over 400 Saturdays to spend with their sons and daughters before the kids "leave the nest."  He challenged us to use our Saturdays wisely. 

God, who calls us to surrender our everyday, ordinary lives to Him, gives us, as part of those days, time to spend with those we love.  After all, God established family! 

So join me in considering our use of time.  Pay attention to your findings and adjust accordingly.  Be wary of "never" for we will never completely get it right, but keep the "we will."  It's a great start!


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