Days to Live

"Don't talk trust and live worry."

With those words, Alan Fadling, in An Unhurried Life, shares what he felt the Lord say to him during a particularly fast-paced time in his life.  

As one reads Scripture, the text seems to address a similar theme repeatedly.  Talking trust proves rather easy.  Living that trust, however, asks for more from you and me.

As 365 days lay before us, we have at least that many opportunities (far more, truthfully) to talk and live trust.  I am a preacher and not a prophet; therefore, I will not attempt to tell you what this year will bring.  Based on experience, I will, however, go out on a limb and "predict" that you and I, in 2019, will encounter . . .

- great victories
- stunning defeats
- praise reports
- paralyzing prognoses
- amazing sights to behold
- images we wish we could forget
- needed relaxation
- fear-based stagnation
You see the pattern.Call it a "mixed bag," a "smorgasbord," or "alphabet soup," or whatever you will - 2019 will bring a wide assortment of experiences.  As you join me on the journey through this year, take God's words to Fadling as words for you.  I know I will. 


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