A Simple Song

Jesus loves me.  This I know!

Recently I received a copy of the American Women's Bible (AWB).  Released this year by Thomas Nelson Publishers, the AWB includes biographical sketches of women who contributed greatly to our nation, our world, and the cause of Christ. While reading, I learned of Anna Barlett Warner (1827-1915). 

Anna (and her sister Susan) wrote the novel Say and Seal Three years later a musician, having read the sisters' writings, set some of their words to song.  Today, children and adults (including the one typing) sing those simple (Ordinary) words.  

Jesus loves me.  This I know!

Two days ago my church family celebrated and shared Communion.  As we held and ate the bread and wine, we saw and tasted the goodness of God (see Psalm 34:8). 

Song.  Bread.  Wine.

Simple.  Ordinary

I find rich truth in the fact that Jesus chose bread and wine, the most basic elements of a first century meal, to represent His sacrificed  flesh and blood. 
The common taught. 
The ordinary spoke. 
The ingredients dare not overshadow the lesson; they complement it. 
The lesson?   
Jesus loves me.  This I know!

By all means, read Leviticus.  Study Erasmus.  Explore the richness of the Minor Prophets.  Tackle complicated theology.

Then return to John 3:16.


Before our three children knew Jesus, how to speak, or the English tongue, my wife and I held each one of them close and sang those words of the Warners.  Would it embarrass them if I told you that we still sang those words to them?  I guess I will find out soon.  In the meantime we sing on.  Join us.  

Jesus loves me.  This I know! . . . 

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