Christmas Day

Try as he might, to the Grinch's dismay,
Christmas arrived once again today.
Some began with stockings, others with gifts.
Some are joyfully playing, others engage in tiffs.
Tis the season of giving and kindness
And listening to "And there were shepherds..." recited by Linus.
Tis the season of eggnog and feasts
When even the Grinch carves the roast beast.

Today we quote angels and speak of oxen kneeling.
Today we sing carols and listen for bells ringing.
Our tree, though drier now, still stands.
And families pray together hand-in-hand.

Thank yous are shared and written.
Your neighbor's daughter tightly hugs her new kitten.
Pies and candy bring tummies joy.
Your neighbor's son already broke his new toy.

We enjoy time with those we hold dear.
As we celebrate this date so close to the end of the year.
We delight in all that it brings
As we rejoice in the birth of the King of kings.

Merry Christmas!


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