Life, Not Death

Celebration of Life.  This week, people of Rabbit Creek Church as well as other friends and family will gather to celebrate life.  We will gather to remember the life of a dear friend and church member.  Notice that we will congregate with a focus not on death but on lifeBecause of Jesus, we will celebrate life rather than mourn death. 

Our friend trusted Jesus.  John, chapter 1, tells us that the Word, who is Jesus, is God and that He became flesh.  This same God who willingly came to earth to save people from their sin, said these words - "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you."  The one we remember this week experienced those words.  He is in the presence of the Lord.  God did not and will not leave nor forsake him. 

Christ's love does not bow to any force, power, or person.  Christ's love is for all who will believe in Him and His way.  Christ chose our friend and our friend chose to follow Christ.  Our friend found a solid place of rest and security. 

Christ died on a cross because of sin that He never committed.  That sin was ours. 
But death did not have the last word.  Christ walked out of the tomb where He was buried.  Christ is not dead and neither are those who place their faith in Him.  Christ calls you and offers security and rest and if you truly respond, nothing you face in this life will ever be strong enough to pull you away from Him.

If you believe and follow Jesus, you can say along with Hosea, the prophet, and Paul, the apostle, "Where, O death, is your victory?  Where, O death, is your sting?"


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